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October 19, 2011


Welcome to…

John (jon) n. Slang: the anonymous male customer of a prostitute (as in ‘John Doe’)
TV (tē’vē’) n. Short for television (as in the medium in which Johns often find themselves when busted with a prostitute)

Since 1996 Oklahoma’s own Video Vigilante®, Brian Bates, has been using his video camera to document the graphic realities of street prostitution, expose the perpetrators and dispel the myths that further the abuse. achieves this goal by lifting the veil of anonymity that empowers the ‘Johns.’

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in 2009 Brian Bates was awarded an Emmy for his efforts.

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About Brian Bates

The original Video Vigilante and creator of JohnTV. Since 1996, Bates has been using his video camera to spotlight the graphic reality of street, forced and organized prostitution.

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69 Responses to “Welcome to…”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Great job. it’s about time someone showed these pervs that the world is not their play ground. Public places are for the public not for smut.

  2. Rasheed Khader Says:

    Its realli a great job eventhough it involve some risk. But i am really apprciating Brian for the courage and loyality to the public.
    Ofcorse the prostitution is to be averted fromthe socity as it ruins the family,culture even the health.
    Her in Dubai , a lot of harlots are working in public without any hesitation fromthe authority. Dear brian your acts should be a model for all the person who desire to clean the public fromthis kind of rubbish things
    Despit to any religion, the prostituition is unhealthy,and illegal.
    i support you with all means and wishing you a great victory in your endeavour.

    Best Regards

  3. Haider Says:

    Great job Brian, I have so much respect for you.
    Thanks for helping us keep this country safe.

  4. Betsie Says:

    Brian, congratulations for the excellent work you are doing! I only wish that your efforts didn’t come with such high personal risk. I have heard people say things like, “But what can only one person do?”. I say that you have proven how much good can come from the actions of ONE person! I also wish (selfishly!) that you lived in PA! It sickened me to walk my daughter to school in order to shield her from the prostitutes who would “stroll” the block that the school was on. I used to wonder why these girls and women would be out there when school was getting ready to begin and when school was letting out until I picked my head up, looked around and started to pay attention. It seems that some of the fathers who would be picking up their children were also picking up a “quickie” beforehand. I don’t know why I was so shocked but I was and I still am! These prostitutes carry a lot of baggage; their violent pimps, their drugs, their dealers and their diseases. I would often wonder what the wives of these “johns” would think if they saw what their husbands were doing (or WHO they were doing!). I am a physically handicapped woman who would be no match for the prostitutes, johns, pimps,and/or dealers should they try to come at me but I wish that I were able to go out there with a camera and continue on with Brian’s work. Bravo, Brian! Here’s a thought….why don’t you travel the country giving lectures and explain the work you do. Maybe you could motivate some more private citizens into action!

  5. April Says:

    I love what your doing 2 try n improve your community. There should b more people like u n this crazy world. Thanx Brian

  6. Thare Says:

    Great work man….. !! well down…. Some times this things jest like a funny show…!!

  7. Chris Says:

    Well Done!!! Watching you now on MSNBC and I wish you continued success and safety. God Bless and watch over you.

  8. pearl Says:

    I think it’s ashame that you can catch them and the cops can’t. Kudos to you. I used to go in and bust drug deals going on,and the cops didn’t have a clue where they were either. Hummmm, could it be they don’t want to do their jobs?

  9. the child of a street walker Says:


  10. Samaresh Das Says:

    Good job sir. I saw your programe on TV today on AXN, from there i found your website and run toward my computer to view the site. Believe me sir you taken a good step to prevent such things in future. I am from india, 24yrs old male. thank you

  11. zille Says:

    hey brian ….. u shouldnt open the doors of the people….

  12. Sherri Says:

    I watched your interview with Yvonne, what has happened to her since then?

  13. admin Says:

    She started a beauty salon called “A Brand New You.” However, since then I have not spoken to her in a couple of years.

  14. Catrina Says:

    Awesome.. was just flipping channels and caught the tell end of your story… I think it’s great what your doing.. keep it up ….

  15. Joe p Says:

    It funny but at the same time someone is going smoke this fool. One day

  16. Edna R Walker Says:

    Hi John

    I saw you on Maury Show on January 20, 2010 and my husband has been cheating on me every since we move here and its time out for him. I need you to get picture of him and that person for me. That way when I go to court I will have proof that he is cheating on me. And then I would have proof to get the Alimony that I need to help support myself with. Please help!

  17. Lobster Maine Says:

    What I want to know is what happens when someone gets violent with you? I’m sure lots of these people are very docile and timid when they are caught, but have you ever had anyone get violent? I’d be worried that some pimp might “pop a cap” on me or follow me after I leave the scene. Do you have some sort of back up plan for this eventuality?

    Also, not that I disagree with what you’re doing here, I just want to know what gives you the right to take the law into your own hands? I commend you, I just think that you are playing with fire here, and I’m interested to hear about the stories we don’t see.

  18. admin Says:

    Several people have tried to get violent over the years. It just so happens nothing bad has ever come of it. I’m armed and I keep a level head, when it happens I deal with it. As for my ‘right’ – its the same rights people are entitled under the law to exercise any time they please. You apparently exercise your right to be a pacifist and I exercise my right not to tolerate the criminal presence in our neighborhoods.

  19. ABDULLTEF Says:

    You are a man strong and courageous (because you are trying to eliminate this manner Aldahirp your own)
    You are a man you can do something governments can not accomplish the World
    We were pleased what we have seen

    Your brother: Abdullatif Al Anzi
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    A thousand thanks

  20. monkeyman Says:

    ps thanks for getting that nasty crap off the streetZ.

  21. tiffany Says:


  22. Chris Says:

    not only its great that you are doing this, it is interesting to watch, i would like to personally thank you for getting scum like that off the streets.

  23. plat250 Says:

    Brian, Dont you believe in second chances? A couple of these guys seemed genuinely sorry for what they did. Why do you have to ruin their lives. Give a guy a second chance to redeem himself and THEN call his wife and post his video on your site. Your judge jury and executioner, thats bullshit!! People like you who take the high road ALWAYS fall the hardest. Try a little mercy now and then King Brian it wont kill you!

  24. admin Says:

    Give me a break. These men know exactly what they are doing and what the consequences can be. Your reply just goes to show how you have far more compassion for the sexual deviant and victimizing Johns over the real victims – the community, the families living in the area, the businesses and the prostitutes themselves. Odds of a John being caught by me are very low and by the time I catch them they’ve been doing this for a long time. You don’t know anymore about these men then I do. If nothing else, think of their wives and family. I have talked to dozens of wives and not a single one has EVER expressed that they wished I’d given their husband a second chance.

  25. Peter C. Lomtevas Says:

    The federal government prescribed two actions that have led to an explosion of the kind of crime John TV observes.

    The first is the brainless condemnation of illegal immigrants. Here, the illegal immigrant, who cannot obtain legal status falls prey to abusers who make use of the federal stance on illegals. For example, there is a cottage industry of “employment agencies” that advertise for pretty young women to come and get work in typical female lines of work: such as maids, nannies and home health aids. Once the illegal pays a high fee and surrenders all manner of personally identifying paperwork, the trap is sprung and the “owner” announces that the woman will be engaged in prostitution.

    If the illegal announces that she will go to the FBI, the “owner” gins up a harassing recording of another woman’s voice threatening to kill the “owner” and the illegal ends up in the adjournment part of the local criminal court house. There, a prosecutor will keep her case on the calendar for nearly two years and the exposure of the illegal will cause her eventual deportation and separation from loved ones and children.

    While prostituting herself, the illegal will earn next to nothing and live under fear of exposure while she services chiefs of police, lawyers, doctors and government officials all connected to the “owner” and his “employment agency”.

    The second is the total de-emphasis of ordinary state crimes for federally subsidized crimes. Today, a man will easily get arrested for allegations of domestic violence because of the VAWA matching fund. In the same manner, fathers who pay child support causes the payment of matching funds to the state from the federal treasury.

    This means that prostitution is not even on the cop’s radar. Arrests for prostitution cause no federal matching funds to flow to the state and in fact, allowing prostitution to flourish leads to divorces and separations that further fuel the domestic violence and divorce industry. The state pays for CSSA, CAPTA, ASFA, VAWA and for local appellate division psychologists who cross-refer each other business during divorces.

    That’s why prostitution is spreading like wild fire and men and their pick ups are posing in front of your cameras with their pants down for you to photograph them.

    Don’t you think you need a cape and a black automobile with a red siren and a flame shooting out the back? It’s out of control now for a long time.

  26. Alex Says:

    Nice job!!! People like u keep this country clean. Continue this.

  27. ankit mavi Says:

    hey…. brian u r doing a great job.
    basically u r on the amission to save the world.
    it’s risky bt u r doing it honestly, well done.
    stay safe.
    God will help u….

  28. Fred Says:

    Serious john! U think your going to stop the oldest profession….NOOOO! but I give you credit for trying to scare straight these people. Some word of advise just b carefull, these girls and their pimps all heavy drug users and are not alwyas in thier right sense’s and then their’s always that one mans life and marriage you destroyed, who probaly has nothing more to live for now. Dude keep up the good work but watch your back. If your doing this alone, I suggest you have someone who is armed and watching your back.

  29. theo Says:

    Hello Brian,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch congratulation, people like you is what we really need, in this world. You are doing an great job !!!!!!!
    All the best

  30. ahmed Says:

    i happy to know that there is some like u trying to make the world a better place go ahead do what u do man god bless u

  31. Courtney Clemons Says:

    I am having a problem,There is a solid waste supervisor that is committing adultery while on city time.Everyday he is at his baby moma’s house fooling around and getting drunk while on city time.This man has been in trouble for this same act before.He has been in trouble for drinking tha he had to have a breath machine in his own automobile before it will start and he continues to drive a city truck.Question…I thought that the state of Oklahoma was broke because we are laying off police and social workers and he can go and lay up, so what can be done about this??????????

  32. Michael Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Dude, you are one courageous son of a gun. God bless you man. It’s men like you who make me proud to be an American. You are doing what not even the cops will do. Why? Why does it take a civilian who has so much to lose to do the job of the police? They claim they are here to serve…and protect. When? After you’re murdered?

    I’d like to hear your comments on this theory I have if you’d like. I believe in cops WALKED the beat, not drove, not bicycled, but walked, got to know the neighborhoods up close, spoke with citizens, even had lunch with them, I’d bet crime would drop significantly. I’ll bet many young thugs would change their ways. And then men like you can go back to living a simple, peaceful life without having to be on guard all the time.

    What do you think?

    And if you do respond, could you do so to my email address?

    Anyway, God bless you and your family. May God grant you protection, continued courage, and continued success.

  33. Andrea Says:

    Hi, I live in Australia and have just seen a segment about you and what you do. I think what you do is great… get these people off the streets!!! Keep up the good work..

  34. Hannah Says:

    “John” as in the letter they are going to get when their wives see these videos. HAHA.

  35. donna Says:

    I was one of the wives whose husband solicited a prostitute, turned out to be an undercover cop. I never blamed or had any feelings about the prostitute, but my husband violated a trust which devastated me. I never trusted him again even though he did everything to regain the way things were before, or should I say the way I thought things were before, that’s the part that is so devastating, your making plans for the future, with hope and suddenly your whole world is turned upside down. My husband became very sick, and I did not leave him, I was in school, and had to get my degree so I did not ever have to depend on anyone ever again. We always remained cordial and respectful to each other until he died of his illness. Men need to think about the risks involved, your entire lives will be ruined, well your relationships anyway.

  36. Nativeexpress Says:

    I really like this idea of catching these guys on video and photographs. The area that I moved into is infested with drugs and prostitution. The company my ol man works for asked us to move into a building across from their construction site so that we can also be security. But anyway I didn’t realize how bad it is in the area. I’ve had to chase away hookers from the lot beside us because it is supposed to used for parking for the workers. But I am going to start taking photos, video or whatever it takes to detour this trash from happening. I phoned the police today to see what I can do and they didn’t really have any answers for me except for that with the legal system doesn’t work when it comes to dealing with stuff like this. It’s seems that even the papers and television are worried about the legal issues involving lawsuits that could be brought upon them if they themselves show footage of johns and prostitutes. Maybe a facebook group can be created for this very thing? People can display video and images for people to see. Women can see if their husbands have been picking up the hookers in the area. What does everyone think about that?

  37. Local Vigilanty Says:

    I created a facebook group page called “Get these hookers and johns out of my neighborhood!” so that it can be used as a deterrence for this kind of activity. Hopefully it works!

  38. Danie Says:

    When was the Last time you were out catching these Johns? We take 44th a lot…on the way home and around town a lot at night in order to get our baby to sleep! ( I know, it might sound strange but in order to get our little one asleep at times during her teething process we do a little driving around OKC and it helps SOOO MUCH! 🙂 ) so we always see prostitutes at night on 44th…Im 23 now, I have seen them around since I was like…14…but today I was sHOCKED. we were doing a DAY TIME drive around trying to get baby to calm down (cause again, driving soothes her and thats the only thing that works lol) and we ended up on 44th and I was HORRIFIED!!! I used to drive down there from ages 16-19 cause we had family close, and had NEVER seen what i had seen today!! Girls standing on the corner with their provocative sequined clothing and their giant heels, heavy eye shadow, girls getting out of giant trucks, getting handed 20’s and chunking used condoms on the side of the road…this was all in 1 trip…from 44th and robinson to 29th and robinson i saw all of this…i was completely HORRIFIED…WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU BRIAN?!?! lol…PLEASE COME SCARE THESE PEEPS AWAY it was terrible…not to mention a drunk guy trying to catch a ride from a bar OFF OF robinson and another guy less than a block away looking like he was coming off of some heavy drugs or something… it was horrifying! i told my fiance…where the hell is brian bates when you need him!!! lol this ALL happened at 6 pm today, we drive down 44th a LOT at night…we see the usual prositutes…but today when the sun was up…there were so many i felt like i needed to get out of the car and ask them what the hell they were doing there…thats how many there were!!! Please reclean the streets mr bates your doing a amazing job 🙂 🙂

  39. Danie Says:

    and it pisses me off to see these girls…honestly, Ive been single, on my own, beat up, in a apartment, pregnant, beat up again, pressing charges against a babys father for abuse, still making it on my own w/ a 9-5 job…yes im a gorgeous young lady, in fact, me and a friend were coming from downtown once, and not thinking, we took robinson back to okc, then shields and all that…we acutally got FOLLOWED by a car full of GUYS with our BABIES in the back seat that came from robinson, I think they thought we were prostitutes or something!!!!!! We were freaking out so bad cause thats NOT what we are about at all!!! we just drove around until they stopped following us it was sooooo scary!!! We almost called the police they almost followed us into MOORE!!! Ive been through some tough stuff and back and when i see young ladies about my age on those corners brian i just want to kidnap them and say WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! lol…i dont understand it, they still have a chance they are so young and beautiful…i dont get it!! I wish someone would start a program for them…or something…man…i was BROKE and in a HOLE once and I COULDNT have EVER gone to the level of that…sometimes i want to “buy” a prostitute..just to see what she has to say…like what made a girl my age (20-23) go to that level?? Im In college now, I dont work, fortunately Im in a situation where i get to live in a beautiful home with my 1 yr old daughter and finish up the last 2 yrs of my college, I have a great guy who is supporting us, and a lovely family on BOTH sides who are very helpful whenever we need them …its like they need guidance..i feel bad when i see them…i just want to give them a big hug but they could be violent and so i dont..brian i want to help these women so bad…is there really nothing we can do for them…i feel almost like i know where they are coming from, but maybe their situations are a little more extreme, i want to help somehow…I feel its only right..let me know what we can do for these young ladies, they dont deserve this! 🙁 🙁

  40. Edwin Sequeira Says:

    @ Brian Bates .. I am from India and I watched your show on AXN .. You are doing a wonderful job and the people of your area should be thanking you. You are an inspiration to everyone around the world… God bless you… Keep up the good work…

  41. Sue Says:

    Brian, watching you on MSNBC’s Caught on Camera. You’re AWESOME for doing all you do to get rid of the trash in your neighborhood!!!! Hope all those in your area thank you. There should be many more people who do the same.

  42. Bella Says:

    Please come to South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have so much work you could not finish in a lifetime!! No one in this country has the guts to do what you do!! Good work!!

  43. Marie Says:

    Your amazing for trying to stop all the trash from walking around. I wish the cops and other government people would work harder to help keep them off the streets too. Keep up the good work. Your a hero.

  44. den Says:

    Brian, I salute you for being such a brave man for filming such a dangerous video about prostitution hopefully by your help police will take an action for this matter.keep up the good work man!

    best regards

  45. anthony Says:

    hi brian your doing something great. however your also makeing a living from it, a good living infact. more need to know how peofitable it is so they can do the same for the moral and financial advantages. plus higher penalties for these crimes need to be imposed.
    johns , prostitutes and pimps need jail time and fines in the range of 100,000. then find a john. if they cant pay make them work it off.
    your sincerley
    name withheld

  46. Mark Says:

    I would like to say congrats on you Emmy and all of your success. I think what you do is great and should be more people like this in this world. And all I can say is keep up the good work bro!!!

  47. Mathieu Says:

    I saw a report about you last day on French TV in “Enquête exclusive” this show has nearly 4,5 million audience each week. So now, you are even famous in France.

  48. george Says:

    in fact am a military personal who just find this Ur site at YouTube…i like what you are doing brother. if i should tell you what Ghanaian{Africans} think about your country,,you will not believe it.Is good for someone to take on these criminals from your country as this stupid attitude is spreading fast into Africa.GOD BLESS YOU!

  49. FreeIrishWoman Says:

    Hi Brian. I am a former prostitute and firstly I’d like to commend you for turning the spotlight on what these ‘Johns’ (or punters, as they’re known in Ireland ) do. I do wish though that you would take every care not to expose the faces of young prostituted women and girls to public scrutiny. It is important to remember who are the exploiters and who are the exploited here.

    I was prostituted between the ages of fifteen and twenty-two and I write a blog about my experiences and about the harms of prostitution generally. I’d like to invite you and your viewers to visit it at Thank you,


  50. Brian Bates Says:

    Thanks for your comments! I do take several things into consideration before deciding whether or not to blur or not blur a woman’s face who is engaged in prostitution. If the individual is obviously of legal age, then quite often I do not blur her face.

    If the individual is of questionable age then I take into consideration if she has been previously identified by police, family, etc. and whether or not leaving her face unblurred could aid in identifying her and getting her help.

    If I know the juvenile is known to police and her family is aware of her situation, then often I update them to her presence but blur her face upon publication – as it serves no purpose to leave it unblurred.

    As for the adults involved in prostitution, because their activities are done in public, I do not blur them. I do however entertain that idea if they contact me directly in the future, have gotten out of prostitution and desire their identities to be redacted – this may include blurring their face, no further licensing/publication of video with their image or taking their name out of posted articles.

    In reality this has only happened maybe 5-6 times in almost 16 years. In most cases I honor their wishes or we come to some agreement.

    Its a difficult area to have a set policy on.

  51. BBoop Says:

    Hi Brian;
    I also wanted to say thanks for getting so much SMUT off the streets, the only thing is I’m affraid its going to get worse because of the economy.
    But I have a Very Imp. question ,, I live in Fl. and its sad that we have good police and Bad Police, and it seems to be getting very out of hand on more being Bad Police and I also have my proof , But what do you do when you’ve already talked to a Higher up and he says he don’t believe a word ?
    Now they have me being down as a problem person and giving me alot of grief,So what does one do? I’ll tell you whateva you want to know .
    But I can tell you this– I’m disabled in a wheelchair for life and I was robbed (for quite alot) and when I had to call the police,, they treated me AWEFULL :(. ok hope to hear from you , Thanks B/Boop

  52. Sam Says:

    Good job Brian. Keep up the good work. I hope to do something like you in the future. Perhaps we might meet or something. I just love confronting johns, pimps and prostitutes.

  53. Kristy Says:

    Thank you sooooo much John!!! I’m a really thankful citizen – glad ur out there n wish there were more of you!!

  54. Tina Says:

    You need to come talk to me in Pittsburgh Pa….I have a full list of confirmed encounters and photos….I’m sick and tired of the sleaze and acceptance of such a damaging “profession”

  55. noneya Says:

    I am a Massage Therapist. I work out of a hotel and my client was left with a note on his car. Im confused on this. I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE. Therefore he is not a “john” this website is a cool. I wonder how accurate.

  56. Brian Bates Says:

    Well, it wasn’t left by myself or anyone with JohnTV, so I don’t know why you are complaining here.

  57. Stevem D. Says:

    Even though I doubt what you are doing will cause little more than embarrassment to some, At least it’s productive and helps identify pimps, prostitutes, and their customers.The police won’t do anything about it unless they have extra funding to stop that kind of stuff. I tried doing what you are doing in Chicago and got shot at. I shot back and took the knee right off a pimp. That’s when I decided not to shoot videos any more. Best of luck to you and be careful. Those people have absolutely no morals or sense.

  58. Jade Says:

    You’ve yet to have information on
    Elliott basco and chelsey myers
    Married retired pimp and hoe

  59. Brian Bates Says:

    Why would we?

  60. Jade Says:

    Went from pimpin ans hoein to lovers just disgusting

  61. Brian Bates Says:

    Sounds like you just have a grudge. So, you have a problem with them not being into prostitution any longer?

  62. Ty Breese Says:

    Brian Bates you rock. I have always thought of doing so like this in Columbus Ohio. I have a friend that set up a program through Franklin county that helps women get out of the biz and get real jobs and real life . I love what you are doing . Keep it up.

  63. kareem Says:

    brian take care….uve been doing this alone for a very long time and its risky

  64. Robert Says:

    Sir i applaud the work you are doing i wish that more people could do what you are doing i un fortunatetly i cannot because i am disabled you keep doing what you are doing you are showing that someone can make a difference but please be careful

  65. Tammy Says:

    I just want to say how proud of you. Finally a citizen willing to stand for what is right, actually take action not just give lip service. More citizens need to power up those camera’s and cell phones, if you see wrong tape it. This would be a fast way to put those who choose to do wrong on notice, someone is always watching. Lets get those camera’s rolling. Brian Bates, I am proud to call you a fellow human being. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

  66. Blu Says:

    Hey that shit is funny as hell dumb ass people these day

  67. danny Says:

    Brian, quit blaming everything on the pimps and the johns. Yes, they are wrong for what they do, especially the pimps. However, many prostitutes choose their life or profession as well as choosing to become drug addicts. They had no discipline in life and have themselves to blame. It is up to them to decide to change their lives. Prostitution and drug abuse are lifestyles they are choosing. Quit making it look like many of them have no control over their destiny and everyone else is to blame. Like I stated earlier, many are responsible for their bad choices in life. They need to seek help and fix their mistakes.

  68. Brian Bates Says:

    You obviously don’t pay very close attention to my very public stance regarding prostitution – or, you have the inability to comprehend it.

    I am very open about the reality that some women involved in prostitution are victims or a 3rd party – like a pimp, trafficker or abusive boyfriend. Others are simply a ‘victim’ of themselves and their own decisions (to take drugs, hang out with the wrong people, have no shame, put material things above pride, etc.).

    While many anti-prostitution activists have blinders on – I do not.

  69. Seth F. Says:

    Appreciate all you do to fight the epidemic of prostitution and human trafficking. We need more classy people like you in the world. Wish I could do the same for my city.

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