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UPS driver identified and fired over topless hooker photo in delivery truck

December 13, 2013

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12/13/2013 – Oklahoma — A local UPS driver has learned the ‘hard way‘ that it is possible to put a little too much ‘Ho, Ho, Ho‘ into your holidays and has been fired just days before Christmas.

As previously reported by JohnTV, Chickasha, online, independent prostitute Tiffany F. Hawkins, 38, using the names ‘Mary Ann’ and ‘Tiffany Cums’ – the ‘Happiness Consultant’ – posted a topless pic of herself in the back of a UPS delivery truck with the comment, “…Look at my naughty time from yesterday… hehehe…” Followed by subsequent posts referring to additional pics on her ‘members only’ website of herself performing oral sex on the driver.

The Nov. 18, posts appeared in the Oklahoma section of an international website dedicated to promoting prostitution.

Redacted version of photo posted by alleged Internet prostitute in a UPS delivery truck.

Redacted version of photo posted by alleged Internet prostitute in a UPS delivery truck.

Needless to say, the corporate suits at UPS were none-too-thrilled about the unexpected ‘exposure‘ the photo got and the resulting one-liners regarding, “What can brown do for you?” and “bet that’s the first time a UPS package has come early!

Within 24-hours ‘Mary Ann’s’ initial post went viral and began popping up all over the web on sites like Gawker, Examiner, NY Daily News, and Daily Mail Online.

Even late night host Jay Leno couldn’t resist mentioning the pic in his opening monologue and asking the question, “Did she have to sign for his package?” (link – go to the 8-minute mark).

And to think….. all of this from a hooker “Happiness Consultant” who promotes herself online as ‘discreet.’

About the only thing Hawkins’ ‘John’ had going for him was the fact that only Hawkins knew who he was.

Well, not so fast……….

Not long after JohnTV reported on the ‘special delivery‘ we heard from UPS corporate, UPS OKC and even UPS security. All of whom were 100% confident they would be able to positively identify the truck and driver within days.

True to their word, JohnTV heard, and locally KWTV News Channel 9 has reported, that the driver had indeed been ‘exposed‘ and was fired.

UPS declined to release the driver’s name or how they were able to identify him. However, when JohnTV’s Brian Bates spoke with a UPS representative early-on, he was told they would utilize onboard GPS and that there were some distinguishing characteristics of the delivery truck in the photo that would make it easier to locate – as in the shade of paint used on the overhead door.

So, the takeaway here should be pretty obvious;

  1. Don’t take photos of yourself or the hooker you’re having sex with on your employer’s time and property.
  2. If you simply can’t resist breaking rule number 1, then at least have the common sense not to give copies of said photos to the hooker, no matter how ‘discreet’ she claims to be.

Of course, this could all just be an unfortunate mistake….. Maybe Hawkins, aka Tiffany Cums, was just trying out for one of two posted positions in the Oklahoma City area on the UPS website; ‘Package Handler’ or ‘Driver Helper.’

UPS job Postings

According to the online job description, both jobs are “physical, fast-paced positions that involve continual lifting, lowering and sliding of packages…”

If her initial post and subsequent ‘members only postings’ were actually her online resume for consideration, I’d say she’s a shoe-in.



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