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Shreveport police nab four OKC prostitutes and one pimp in sting that netted 24

June 28, 2011

Nat'l News, Oklahoma

Shreveport police nab four OKC prostitutes and one pimp in sting that netted 24

6/28/2011 – Shreveport, LA — Police in Shreveport arrested 24 alleged pimps and prostitutes in a recent sting, five of which are from Oklahoma and known to JohnTV.

According to Shreveport police, “Several different law enforcement agencies, including local, state and federal entities, conducted a special operation last friday [6/10/2011] aimed at addressing prostitution.” The operation was instigated by citizen complaints as well as intelligence gathered by law enforcement. The sting involved multiple jurisdictions and targeted both street and online prostitution.

Of the 24 individuals arrested, four women and one man were from the Oklahoma City area and were known to work South Robinson Ave. in south OKC. The five have been identified as;

  • Stephanie Renee Patterson, 22, of Warr Acres, OK. (middle photo left)
  • Ashley Rachelle Stidham, 21, Del City, OK. (top photo left)
  • Tyeisha Tanae McChester, 25, OKC, OK. (bottom photo left)
  • Madison Craven, 18, Warr Acres
  • Jarmal Turner, 32, Midwest City, OK.

Patterson currently has an active felony warrant for her arrest stemming from a felony prostitution charge last November after she was arrested by Midwest City police. Patterson has a prior misdemeanor prostitution conviction from a May, 2009 arrest.

McChester has a prior conviction for misdemeanor prostitution from 2009.

Turner is known to JohnTV as a ruthless scumbag and pimp that works girls on South Robinson Ave. and online.

Stidham has been documented numerous times working the streets of south Oklahoma City (example one, example two, example three, example four, example five, example six, example seven,  example eight, example nine, example ten) and even once threatened JohnTV’s own Video Vigilante Brian Bates with a knife.

According to police records, Stidham was arrested at a west Shreveport hotel after undercover officers responded to her online ad at Wearing a strapless mini-dress and zebra print stilettos, Stidham apparently didn’t even realize the undercover ‘John’ was the same detective she told, “you ain’t never going to get me” three months earlier. After making a $160 deal for sex, she was placed under arrest. Stidham now faces a felony prostitution charge.

Stidham has an active case for misdemeanor prostitution in Oklahoma County stemming from her arrest last November. She also has a lengthy city ticket/arrest record including current tickets for multiple trespassing offenses, and two for failure to appear.  Previous tickets include; three for $184, $192 & $279 for not walking facing traffic, three tickets for $167-$197 for trespassing, $687 for trespassing after former conviction, two for $268 & $192 for failure to cross the street at a right angle to the curb, and $20 for no seat belt.

Stidham’s pimp, Turner, tried to avoid arrest by pretending to be hotel laundry staff. Turner was eventually arrested and charged with pandering.


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  1. jess Says:

    my question is why do u have this on here if it didnt happen in okc? why does it matter? so becuase someone messes up you think you the rite to air out their info on the net..i would think u r ruining their life and destroying the chances of them to have a normal life once they get out of this life style

  2. admin Says:

    You obviously either don’t pay much attention to this site or have a bias you’ve choose not to disclose. I report on prostitution worldwide, let alone prostitutes from Oklahoma arrested in other states. Get over it.

  3. smartone Says:

    I use be friends with Patterson. Does anyone know where her son is?

  4. Swift Says:

    Stephanie is no good I hope she burns in hell

  5. Bikerbabe1960 Says:

    Her son is in either Cushing or Drumright.

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