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Police in Maine say they have a detailed ‘John’ list & videos from busted Zumba instructor

UPDATE: The identities of Wright’s alleged Johns have been released by Kennebunk police. Click this link to see the names.

7/16/2012 – Kennebunk, ME — According to’s (now deleted) profile of licensed instructor Alexis Wright (see picture, left), she likes to teach Zumba because “Every class feels like a party! Come join me and you’ll see what I mean.” According to Maine police, Wright’s idea of a ‘party’ included prostitution, starring in pornography and secretly videotaping her ‘Johns.’

A small Maine town is all a buzz after police allege Wright was also doing some horizontal cardio with the local husbands in an alleged side prostitution business.

Investigators have announced that they have recovered a very detailed ‘John’ list and even videos of the alleged prostitution related sex acts – taken without the knowledge of the male clients!

When Alexis Wright showed up in Kennebunk she seemed to most like a young, professional and beautiful entrepreneur.

In mid 2010 she opened the Pura Vida Studio on York Street – a Zumba and yoga studio. Wright also rented a small office suite nearby.

Wright’s eventual arrest should have come as no surprise to anyone – let alone Wright herself – as it seems almost immediately people started posted their suspicions online.

In August of 2010 someone created an anonymous blog with the sole purpose of exposing Wright as a prostitute. The blog also outed Wright as someone who often made porn videos of herself and posted them online.

In March of 2011 “Linsanniee” posted a DailyBooth update announcing, “Today I found out that my Zumba teacher is a porn star … this will be awkward from now on … other than that good day :)”

Some time in September of 2011 police began receiving some tips that revealed a possible secret behind the success of the Pura Vida Studio on York Street – callers claimed they were seeing men arriving at the studio at all hours of the day and night and only staying for 30-minutes to an hour and didn’t appear to be dressed for an exercise class. When police interviewed neighboring businesses, they were told moaning and groaning could often be heard coming from the upstairs.

Mark Strong Sr. of The Strong Agency and private investigator, arrested for promoting prostitution.

A break came in the police investigation when they arrested a businessman in a neighboring town.

criminal affidavit filed in Biddeford District Court details the arrest of Mark W. Strong, 56, of 53 Knox St. in Thomaston and his personal and business relationship with Zumba studio owner, instructor and alleged prostitute Alexis Wright.

Strong, the owner of The Strong Agency, has been charged with promoting prostitution, a Class D misdemeanor which carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail.

Wright has not yet been charged with any crime.

Court paperwork alleges that Strong and Wright had both a personal physical relationship and a business relationship that revolved around sex and prostitution – allegedly occurring at Wright’s Zumba studio and a nearby office suite.

Police say criminal charges are slow in coming due to the complexity and sensitive nature of this case.

Back in December of last year, a Maine DEA agent placed a recorded call to ‘Lydia’ (aka, Alexis Wright) she agreed to perform unspecified sexual acts in exchange for money.

When police interviewed the landlord who owned the space leased to the Zumba studio, he told them his tenant was behind on her rent. The landlord of a small suite Wright rented across the street from the Zumba studio to conduct ‘Nutrition Counseling’ (think protein shakes) says he became so concerned he went into the suite and saw a massage table and a camcorder on a tripod. The landlord said he also found a video online of Wright masturbating inside the studio (he’s right, we found it too).

Based on these and other interviews, police obtained a search warrant for the Zumba studio, Wright’s office suite, and her personal residence.

During the searches, police seized electronic data, electronic ledgers of sexual acts, hours of video recording and meticulous records of clients and the sexual acts performed by Wright on them. Records indicate that most of the recordings appear to have been done with the knowledge or consent of the male clients.

Alexis Wright as appeared at

Police also found documentation detailing how much to charge depending on the sexual services requested.

Detectives believe Wright made at least $150,000 from her prostitution efforts. Investigators from the IRS have been contacted to assist in the investigation.

The evidence linking Strong and Wright consists of bank, financial, insurance, lease and telephone records. Police also found videos of the two engaged in numerous sex acts.

Police believe that Strong also used his connections as a licensed private investigator to illegally access state motor vehicle records to verify that potential Johns were not the police.

A screen grab from the solo sex video of Alexis found online by her landlord & shot in his rented suite. (allegedly)

Strong is apparently, through his attorney, concocting a creative defense.  Strong is claiming that his only connection to Wright is that she contacted him because she was being harassed by Kennebunk police and that after taking Wright as a client he then was persuaded to invest money in her Zumba business in the form of a loan.

Police say charges against Wright and her customers is still being investigated.

Reports coming out of the area claim that local criminal defense attorneys are being hired by numerous and often prominent figures seeking legal assistance.

According to a cached version of the official website, Wright has been licensed to teach Zumba since April of 2008.

The Pura Vida Studio is still apparently open and Wright is still on the posted schedule teaching group sex classes.

Editorial Comments: If true, this type of prostitution is not of great concern to other than the reading entertainment value. It appears this is a case of 100% consensual prostitution that occurred between adults and behind closed doors. That said, here’s our take on this based on our limited knowledge of the case. While we have zero sympathies for the ‘Johns’ involved in this matter, history has proven over and over again that none of them will face any criminal charges. It matters not that the police have Wright’s ledger of clients and sexual services performed – that in itself is no proof. However, the ledgers, in combination with the videotapes, could prove to be very embarrassing and police will use that fact to get at least a few Johns to agree to testify against Wright and or Strong in exchange for not charging them and keeping the tape(s) under wraps.

Alexis Wright’s (now deleted) profile on



An actual video from the Pura Vida Studio
(sorry, probably not the video you were looking for!)



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8 Responses to “Police in Maine say they have a detailed ‘John’ list & videos from busted Zumba instructor”

  1. andrew Says:

    should be completely legal in a “free” society. too bad the USA is about as free as a rolex

  2. Brian Bates Says:

    The topic of legalized prostitution has nothing to do with her most serious charges – regardless what profession she was involved in she apparently was not only not paying her taxes (at all), but also receiving tax payer backed aid. Not to mention the numerous privacy violations.

  3. CI Says:

    Not sure what the landlord/tenant law is in Maine, but in many states, if not all, the landlord CANNOT enter a premises without a clear and present emergency, without the consent of the tenant. In other words, it’s likely an invasion of privacy.

    Prostitution should be legal and regulated. If it were this situation would likely not have occurred.

  4. Brian Bates Says:

    Like I commented before, their lease may have given him permission either outright or in the case of suspected criminal activity. Even it the lease/law did not allow for the landlord to go into the office, it matters not to the case. The only way it would jeopardize the case is if police instructed the Landlord to enter the office illegally and they used that evidence for prosecution. Prosecutors are not responsible for the actions of the landlord.

    As for legalization avoiding this situation – not true at all. The totality of Wright’s actions show she was in no way interested in following the law (laws of prostitution, privacy and income tax). I could go more into the myth of legalization as a solution, but you can read my thoughts on it at this link.

  5. Moo Moo Says:

    Haha “horizontal cardio” lmao. Very funny!

  6. WantToLearnZumba Says:

    Might this Zumba program be implemented @ my JIM?

  7. Ryan Says:

    So do they have the exchange of money. From what I understand this girl is more te type to five it away then charge.

  8. Houstongoldman Says:

    I read more into the story. She sounds like she is a sex addict. She hopefully with get help in prison. Not likely, but hopefully.

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