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OKC prostitute, 21, found dead on recycling conveyor in CA

3/16/2014 – Anaheim, CA — The body of a young mother with multiple prostitution convictions in Oklahoma City was found by employees of a California recycling center early last Friday.

According to published reports, the body of 21-year-old Jarrae Nikole Estepp was found around 10:30 a.m. at the Republic Services recycling plant.

Estepp was found nude, face down and amongst the garbage being sorted at the plant on a moving conveyor belt. Police believe Estepp’s body was most likely placed into a garbage dumpster and then unknowingly picked up during trash collection and transported to the recycling center.

Estepp was positively identified by fingerprints and distinguishing tattoos.

Estepp, who first appeared on South Robinson Ave. in south Oklahoma City in late 2011 pregnant, was well known to both JohnTV’s Brian Bates and a local faith based organization called No Boundaries International (NBI).

While Bates most often saw Estepp’s street savvy and hardened side, volunteers with NBI’s street outreach team were on occasion able to get a glimpse at a young woman who was scared, desperate but always on guard.

Volunteers with NBI often prayed with Estepp and gave her donations to help with her new infant and even a handmade baby blanket.

JohnTV’s encounters with Estepp often bordered on confrontational.

Estepp, who went by the street name ‘Sarah,’ was a daily presence on S. Robinson Ave. and her youthful appearance resulted in many – often married – men stopping to pick her up for sex in nearby back alleys and parking lots.

JohnTV featured a very pregnant Estepp in a Valentine’s Day video highlighting the ‘Johns’ in 2012.

During the few conversations Bates had with Estepp, she revealed that she very much missed her deceased father, considered herself close to her younger brother and claimed that her mother had been involved in prostitution and that she was “a hoe just like her.”

Estepp lived in Ashwood Apartments, a low rent complex off SE 44th street near S. Bryant, with her pimp boyfriend.

At least one female teen claims that Estepp lured her into moving into Estepp’s apartment and that Estepp and her pimp coerced her into prostituting and turning over her proceeds to them.

The teen eventually left all her belongings behind and called a former prostitute turned activist from a nearby convenience store and begged for help. The teen was taken to a safe place and given new clothes and the opportunity for a fresh start.

In April of 2012, Bates rode along with Oklahoma’s premiere Bounty Hunters, the Bounty Boys, as they attempted to locate Estepp on an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Estepp, her pimp and her infant had apparently fled the apartment after child protective services opened an investigation into the living conditions of her infant.

Estepp soon vanished from S. Robinson Avenue.

Nothing more was heard regarding Estepp until she was arrested in Elk City on a larceny charge in January of this year.

In Oklahoma County Estepp has three misdemeanor convictions for street prostitution (Jan 2012, March 2012, and another for March 2012).

One of the March 2012 cases was a direct result of Estepp being caught on video by Bates with a ‘John’ who worked for an Oklahoma Lottery vendor.

It is not known when or why Estepp relocated to California, but media reports indicate she has ties to both Oklahoma and Modesto.

An official cause of death has not been released, but police suspect Estepp was murdered.

No suspects have been publicly identified.

Regardless of how Estepp lived her life or her level of consent to which she prostituted herself, she was a young mother whose life ended to soon and with too much pain and indignity.

Please mourn for the ‘life’ that was lost so many years ago, the physical life that was taken so recently and the future life that could have been.

May Jarrae rest in peace.

UPDATE: No Boundaries Int’l held a candlelight vigil and memorial service for Estepp in NW Oklahoma City. (link)

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Below are some images of Jarrae Nikole Estepp that she had previously posted publicly on social media.


Jarrae Estepp's official Oklahoma County Jail Mugshot.

Jarrae Estepp’s official Oklahoma County Jail Mugshot.

Jarrae Estepp, pregnant and prostituting on S. Robinson Ave. in OKC. in 2012.

Jarrae Estepp

Jarrae Estepp









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7 Responses to “OKC prostitute, 21, found dead on recycling conveyor in CA”

  1. scott Says:

    Sad, She had a nice twinkle in her eye in those photos, now it’s gone forever.

  2. Mike Says:

    When cops and lawmakers do not do enough to stop prostitution it boils over and serial killers and murderers come around for easy pickings.

  3. sonny Says:

    VERY VERY SAD another young girl with so much more life left in her already gone.I hope other young girls see this and learn from it that life on the streets can destroy you.RIP

  4. Einar Says:

    This is so sad, she had a dangerous “job” … but nobody deserve to go like this. Murdered and thrown in a dumpster with garbage…. Hope the police find this sick twisted person.

  5. Shay Says:

    She was actually trying to clean her life up and doing really good and went to California to visit her brother… That’s when this happened and people need to have a little more respect for others… Regardless of what she did in her past she was currently a collage student who went to see family and was caught up in a bad mishap… Before you slander someone who was done this way think about the people who loved and cared about this young girl… These family members get to read the last thing ever on her and all it talks about is her being a whore… very disrespectful you know the girl did have kids and accomplishments that you could of focused on… Sorry for the loss of a wonderful girl to all the family members may she R.I.P.

  6. Brian Bates Says:

    Friends and family are welcome to share whatever memories/information they want to regarding Jarrae on this page. However, that’s not really the purpose of this page. Jarrae has a memorial Facebook page that would be a more appropriate place.

    It is understandable that friends and family close to Jarrae don’t find comfort in the facts surrounding Jarrae’s murder.

    That said, ignoring those facts serves a terrible injustice to what happened.

    Jarrae was raised in less than ideal conditions and made some very bad choices in her life.

    While she may have been in California to visit her brother (in jail) she was also engaging prostitution. Had she not been, then this terrible tragedy would have been avoided. There is a lesson to be learned here and being in denial only makes a bad situation worse.

    Obviously Jarrae was loved and cared for. Its a shame that that wasn’t enough to prevent what happened.

  7. Lionel Says:

    I did cry reading the story of Jarrie. I hope lessons are learnt and many who work in this profession think otherwise. May her soul rest in peace.

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