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New Video! ‘John’ caught having sex with street prostitute in church parking lot

January 8, 2010

Video News

1/8/2010 – OKC, OK USA — The places ‘Johns’ pick to have sex with street prostitutes never ceases to amaze me. Back in October of 2009 I busted a ‘John’ having sex with a hooker in of all places, a church parking lot.

Around 4:30 P.M. a ‘John’ driving a black BMW picked up a street prostitute near 41st and South Robinson Ave. He then took her to a church located near SW 31st and South Harvey.

Click on the video below to ride along with Oklahoma’s own Video Vigilante as he busts this ‘John.’

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About Brian Bates

The original Video Vigilante and creator of JohnTV. Since 1996, Bates has been using his video camera to spotlight the graphic reality of street, forced and organized prostitution.

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26 Responses to “New Video! ‘John’ caught having sex with street prostitute in church parking lot”

  1. matthew Says:

    you know how your comin up on these people its their fuckin lives leave them alone if you came up to my truck when i am doin something like that you would not make it out of the parking lot i would blow your fuckin head away with my shot gun or my pistol you just wait you will run in to the wrong preson an you want be able to posted that video so get a life an stop watchin people have sex you sick fuck

  2. Zachary Says:

    I really hope that matthew gets busted by you one of these days because he would definitely not blow your head off. He wouldn’t have the balls to even try to commit murder and anyone sick bastard that says they would belongs behind bars. He’s advocating sex with minors, abuse, prostitution, murder, drug addiction and i hope you walk up on him and put him away for life. I’m glad you’re putting the garbage away and I wish the johns would get in as much trouble as the girls. Most of those girl have been abused for YEARS but need a wake up call and the pathetic men who pay them deserve life.

  3. Bristow Says:

    Matthew is cleary an illiterate loser.

  4. Alissa Says:

    They deserve to be busted, and humiliated. I wish I could spit on people who do things like this.

  5. BOB Says:

    Your doing a good thing I would never be able to do it. there will likly be a day that you can the wrong person and they pull a gun or somthing stupid like that. Hopefully that day never comes keep up the good work

  6. valerie Says:

    I use to do what these girls do to support my addiction… I can say thank you God everyday that stuff is 4 yrs ago.. I’ve been clean 4 yrs. the 18th of Jan. of 2010… Never again will I go back to that there is life after drugs I was addicted for 7 yrs. now I’m married and have my kids back in my life and have all i never thought I deserved….

  7. mrsouthbeach Says:

    Great job and keep up the great work.

  8. Ozzie Says:

    If you opened my car door like that without permission you wound find yourself on the business of my pistol or arrested.

  9. admin Says:

    Says the ‘man’ hiding behind the Internet.

  10. Vito Says:

    Does picking up a hooker require so much brain usage that you forget to know how to lock a door? Almost every one of these Johns has an unlocked car door while they do the deed.

  11. Sam Says:

    John that’s really a good job that you are doing. These hookers with their customers should do it in a “descent” manner. I wonder if their is any “descent” way for that f**cking shit! JUST KEEP THE CAMERA ROLLING.

  12. sonny Says:

    make it legal and that would cut down on diseases,robberies,assaults and killings.but i do think that one day your going to run into some idiot with a gun and shoots you because he might not know who you are,he might think your going to rob him very dangerous job you got,so be careful out there .

  13. admin Says:

    Actually, there is no proof and it flies in the face of logic that the legalization of the abuse of another is the solution to anything.

    Legalization demands regulation and regulation would omit the legal prostitution by felons, drug addicts and the diseased. Those are the traits of virtually every street prostitute.

    All that legalization will do is create more bureaucracy, cost tax payers and encourage those who would otherwise never considered prostitution to now feel it is an option.

  14. a.c. Says:

    You actually busted me almost 10 years ago, and although I wanted to kill you at the time, it saved my life. I was 19 and hooked on dope, I was a STUPID kid and had no clue what life was about. But it was the wall I had to hit in order to get out of that lifestyle(if you call that a life). I spent 10 months in rehab and its been almost 10 years since then, I have 2 beautiful kids, a husband(yes he knows and loves me despite of all that), and I’m in school, and doing great! I still struggle with the horrors of that time in my life, and wish I could have done things differnetly, but those are what shaped me into who I am today. I hope all of you who are “disgusted w/ these girls would have compassion for these girls who are lost in this lifestyle. We ALL make mistakes and bad choices, but it can never take away from the fact they are human and deserve hope too. Thank you for what part you played in my healing and recovery, because I might not have hit my breaking point as young as I did if you had ignored the problem in your neighborhood. Good luck in life and remember to look at yourselves before you wright off a person as trash. I’m somebody’s daughter,sister,mother, and friend and I’m proof people can change. So extend a hand not more abuse to one of these girls and maybe the problem of prostitution wouldn’t have to have a vigilante. Thanks again.

  15. brian Says:

    Dear brian,

    I just watched your specail on msnnbc. I think what you are doing is great. If there were more people that cared about there community like you do the world would be a better place. Even if all they did was keep an eye and contact police if they see something out of place. Not only does what you do make a difference, but it is hilarious seeing the expressions on their faces. For the people that bitch about you do, well don’t do stupid illegal shit and then you won’t get caught on tape. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  16. Whipple Says:

    These girls are not being forced to do anything. I always find it funny to read the comments of how the johns are such terrible people, and how sorry they feel for the hookers. It goes both ways, if anyones at fault it’s both the john & hooker. Most of the people that agree with what this dipshit video vigilante is doing, are the same people that go home and beat or rape their kids. People have the right to make choices, and if the johns want hookers, and the hookers want money they are adults alowed to choose for themselves.

  17. admin Says:

    Nice to know some people (like yourself) are not afraid to show the world exactly how ignorant of reality they actually are. You sound like a John trying to justify his sexual deviancy.

  18. Dobson Says:

    I really like the work you do, nice shots of some of the low life hookers and johns

  19. Sid Says:

    Nice job!!!!!!! Love your videos!

  20. Jack Says:

    Matthews ur a stupid geek who acts tough online

  21. oxid Says:

    Honestly I think eventually you will run into that one guy thats going to shoot an kill you , you may read this an think that will never happen , but the reality is the world is changing and coming to that point where people will shoot you for stupid reasons like opening someones car door while getting a blow job. I only say this so you won’t get hurt.

  22. Texas Says:

    You are a brave man, but it’s a good thing you’re in Oklahoma.

    If you open someone’s door like that in Texas, people will shoot first and ask questions later. It would be considered justifiable homicide, because you are breaking into a private automobile, which in Texas, is considered an extension of your home. I am truly amazed that you haven’t been shot yet if you’ve been doing this since ’96.

    I’ve never engaged in the type of behavior that you’re filming, thank God, but if I was parked somewhere and you came and yanked my door open like you do on these videos, I would drop you where you stood. If a man was victimizing my daughter like this, I would likewise make it the last decision he made.

    I’m not a tough guy, and I don’t engage in criminal behavior, but I do believe strongly in personal protection and privacy, and I always carry a gun in my car, and usually on my body, as well. You are playing with fire, no doubt about it.

    I admire the fact that you’re trying to expose street prostitution and their customers, but I’m not entirely sure that you aren’t breaking the law in your own right by taping people without their consent, and trespassing onto private property when you open their car door.

    You are willingly placing yourself into highly-charged situations, and I’m sure you have had some close calls. Do people in Oklahoma not routinely carry guns in their cars?

    Good luck to you, sir….

  23. admin Says:

    Yeah, odd how it seems like all the ‘tough guys’ are always the one’s, like yourself, that are hiding behind the Internet.

    FYI – Oklahoma is a conceal and carry state. And, yes, I’ve opened the door on individuals who were carrying a gun.

    Why is it people from Texas always think they a such bad asses? I’ve caught ‘men’ from Texas and they whine and cry as much as anyone else.

    Also, the legality of me opening car doors has already been addressed. It is legal.

  24. Leviathan Says:

    God Damn (no pun intended)

    Brian, You’re doing great work. Puts my notepad and camera phone to shame. But, then again I run around in body armour with non-lethal weapons and taser gauntlets, so I don’t have room for a pricey camera. Have you thought about expanding into snagging drug dealers as well?

    There are others doing what you’re doing. A whole community in fact. Some who work for a better world, cleaning out the filth that lays in between the cracks in the sidewalk. Folks like Dark Guardian, Urban Avenger, Phoenix Jones, Master Legend, Thanatos and myself. Confronting this sort of thing nightly. We’d love to call you one of our own.

    There has recently been a bust of over 70 people (mostly women and young girls, but their handlers as well) down here in Kissimmee-Saint Cloud, due to similar investigative work. Cameras, note taking, answering craigslist ads to find this mess really works.

    Matthew, you’re a little bitch. Odds are you will be (if you haven’t been already) tossed around. Same with Jack-ass. Sad little bastards who obviously are out there having something to do with this crap.
    Your kind are in the minority, but seem to cause the most problems. Castrate yourselves, quickly… Before you have the chance to breed. If you have kids, my condolences to them.

    AC and Valerie, you’re an example of how well ones life could be turned around. I don’t see trash. I see someone who’s without hope inside. Someone who needed a solid pull in the right direction. Same with most of the other girls who were recently brought in. Not trash, just lost…

    Again Brian, thank you…

    P.S. What size vest are you?

  25. James Says:

    Probably goes to church every sunday. F*ing brilliant!

  26. charles keith posley Says:

    I use to pick up Hookers. Now I a me married but I’m still talking to women. An I have told one were I live with my wife. I have a problem.

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