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Nat’l: Florida strip club taped patrons having sex with dancers

November 14, 2009

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Nat’l: Florida strip club taped patrons having sex with dancers

11/14/09 – Hallandale Beach, FL — Thousands of male patrons of the Cheetah strip club are collectively holding their breath as authorities have revealed club owners secretly taped them having sex with the club’s strippers. To make matters worse (or more poetic depending on your point of view) thousands of clips have already been released to a media outlet and may eventually be made public.

In March of 2009 the Cheetah club was raided by authorities and closed for allegedly selling drugs and facilitating prostitution. Authorities claim to have seized at least 19,000 video clips from covert cameras placed by club owners in VIP and dressing rooms. Police say the clips clearly show club patrons engaging in sex acts with dancers. Police also say that their own undercover officers were offered sex from the dancers for up to $470.

In addition to the video clips, authorities also claim to have seized daily logs that include the names of VIP patrons who are well known businessmen, politicians and athletes.

In a flurry of legal activity, both club and patron attorneys have been filing restraining orders against the state to keep them from releasing the videos and names of club customers. The legal wrangling may be too little too late as at least one media outlet has already received a copy of several thousand video clips from the club.

Cheetah club owner Joe Rodriguez has in the past denied the presence of video cameras in the club’s VIP rooms. However, investigators say there were signs posted putting patrons on notice that video surveillance was utilized to protect club patrons and employees.

Below is a video via YouTube promoting the Cheetah Club of South Florida…

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2 Responses to “Nat’l: Florida strip club taped patrons having sex with dancers”

  1. Arizona Strip Clubs Says:

    The one rule in a strip club is, and has always been, no sex. If these patrons engaged in sex with dancers, then the owners, dancers and the patrons deserve the punishment.

  2. Miami Circuit Says:

    True but this is Miami, damn near anything goes. There’s a lot of sex and solicitation taking place in this part of FLA. However a place like Cheetah is considered high end and attracts “high end” customers. These upscale clubs do not contract private security, and are subject to local authorities. More urban/ghetto strip clubs contract private security and establish protocols within the city. When this happens, local authorities do not have jurisdiction on the property and are not permitted to conduct investigations unless requested by management. Cheetah is considered an upscale establishment so it doesn’t fall into this category. However most clubs who employ this tactic spend nearly $25,000-$50,000 per month to maintain licenses. Prostitution technically does not occur in these clubs, however rules are relaxed for the right price. Solicitation is what these clubs are popular for. To attract a potential customer and make the actual exchange at another location. This way the owner doesn’t place himself/business in jeopardy and the girl gets paid, the customer is happy and will return. This is the system. I worked security at at least 3 strip clubs for two years before moving on to bigger and better things.

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