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Chickasha prostitute photographed having sex in UPS truck

November 20, 2013

Oklahoma, Weird News

11/19/2013 – Oklahoma — A Oklahoma prostitute apparently had a ‘date’ with a United Parcel Service (UPS) driver and just couldn’t wait to post the resulting photographs online.

We’ve all heard the marketing slogan, “What can brown do for you?” – well, apparently they can have sex in a truck full of your holiday gift giving…..

Yesterday morning a woman, who identifies herself as ‘Mary Ann,’ posted a bear-chested selfie in a UPS shirt in the back of a UPS delivery truck with the following caption…

Redacted version of photo posted by alleged Internet prostitute in a UPS delivery truck.

Redacted version of photo posted by alleged Internet prostitute in a UPS delivery truck.

Because here at JohnTV our sources, snitches, moles and R&D are on alert 24/7 we can, with a reasonable amount of certainty, say we have identified ‘Mary Ann’ as a previously charged (and still on probation) prostitute named Tiffany Fay(e) Hawkins, 38, of Chickasha.

Hawkins, who is apparently a HBO ‘Hung’ fan and calls herself a ‘Happiness Consultant,’ was previously arrested, and subsequently criminally charged in Oklahoma County, with felony computer crimes and offering to engage in prostitution.

Tiffany F. Hawkins, aka 'Tiffany Cums' or 'Mary Ann'

Tiffany F. Hawkins, aka ‘Tiffany Cums’ or ‘Mary Ann’

According to court records, Hawkins was stung by Oklahoma City Vice on Jan. 30, 2012 but charges were not filed until Jul. of that same year.

The case was wrapped up in Jan. of this year and Hawkins was given a deferred sentence for both counts and placed on supervised probation until Jan. of 2018.

Apparently ‘supervision by the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office’ is a misnomer and should be reworded to simply state Hawkins is required to send the DA’s office $40/month for the next five years for no real reason (or reassurances to the public) whatsoever.

Hawkins, who prior to her 2012 arrest went by the much more colorful alias ‘Tiffany Cums,’ maintains a website with photos, reviews, rates and her schedule…. Which, if her UPS photo caption is accurate, would indicate she was in Oklahoma City on the day UPS made its ‘special delivery.’

Speaking of…. it seems Hawkins did more than show her dangly bits while on her UPS field trip and allegedly ventured into some posed fellatio as indicated in this followup online post…

Mary Ann Followup post 01 Prostitute

For those not in the know ‘BBBJCOF’ stands for (WARNING, pretty graphic, but you are reading a prostitution blog…)Bare Back Blow Job, Cum On Face.

Probably won’t be seeing any of those pics at the UPS employee Christmas party slide show. Though we have a feeling they will most likely be texted amongst fellow drivers and some super secret UPS Investigations Unit.

Speaking of – JohnTV has already been contacted by administrators with UPS (after we tweeted a teaser to this story) and it appears they are, like their driver, not taking this lying down.

Apparently photos forwarded to UPS, along with GPS data will be used to determine who was behind the wheel and the camera when the little game of post office went down.

Personally, JohnTV doesn’t take a stand against prostitution that is 100% consensual, unorganized and behind closed doors (yea, rolling delivery truck doors count – unless its a Lowe’s delivery truck). BUT, when a prostitute on probation and a working stiff (pun definitely intended) risk so much by posting their antics publicly, then we simply can’t resist ‘poking some fun.’

FYI – In the ad below Hawkins refers to herself as a late 30’s MILF – Based on her photos we’re thinking  “MILF” to her customers stands for Moment I’d Like to Forget.



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