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Local attorney William Lowell Nixon Jr. prostitution sting report released

9/20/2013 – OKC, OK — You heard it here first – A local attorney arrested during a prostitution sting earlier this year has so far avoided being held accountable for his alleged crimes – but court records tell the story of his alleged perversion.

JohnTV reported on the May 1, prostitution sting that resulted in the arrest of seven men in Oklahoma City.

To date six of the men arrested have been criminally charged in Oklahoma County. The only person to avoid prosecution is local attorney William Lowell Nixon Jr., 52, of Piedmont.

In Aug. JohnTV again reported on the fact that Lowell apparently continues to evade prosecution  – most likely due to his status as an attorney or because of the influence of his own defense attorney on the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office.

Today JohnTV obtained a copy of the probable cause affidavit regarding Nixon’s arrest.

According to court records, the May sting was a joint effort by Oklahoma City Vice and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) Human Trafficking Unit.

Reportedly law enforcement utilized a confidential informant (CI) to play the part of the prostitute in the sting. A CI is usually an actual prostitute that has recently been arrested and agrees to work with police in exchange for leniency in her own prosecution.

The CI posted an ad in the ‘escort’ section of Nixon allegedly responded to the ad by placing a telephone call to the CI and then arranged to meet the CI at her hotel room.

Around 4 p.m. Nixon reportedly arrived at the Hampton Inn, located at 3022 NW Expressway in NW Oklahoma City, and went to room #208.

According to police, once Nixon arrived at the room he offered the CI $80 in exchange for oral sex. At that point, agents monitoring the activities from an adjacent room made their presence known and placed Nixon under arrest.

Prosecutors have given no reason as to why Nixon has avoided prosecution while the six other alleged Johns are being prosecuted.

Unless a valid reason can be offered, we can only assume this is the ‘good ol boy’ network alive and well in Oklahoma County.

Nixon is listed as the chief collection attorney for the law firm Love, Beal & Nixon, P.C. out of Oklahoma City.

Below is the probable cause affidavit filed with the courts in this case (click for larger image).


William Nixon Oklahoma County Jail Booking Information.

William Nixon Oklahoma County Jail Booking Information.

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