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January 12, 2010

Oklahoma, Video News

1/12/2010 – OKC, OK USA¬† — is happy to announce we are now streaming live video onto the Internet from various locations around Oklahoma City.

For years has had people ask to ride along with Brian Bates (the Video Vigilante) as he uses his video camera to document the graphic realities of street prostitution and expose the offenders. Live streaming is a way to allow literally hundreds of people to ride along virtually and all at the same time. In addition, live streaming is another way to further the dialogue and create additional exposure this problem which literally holds entire communities hostage.

Currently the live streams are impromptu and mobile.

“If I’m out and about and see obvious street prostitution or receive calls from local businesses or residents then I turn on my camera, computer and wifi device and start streaming,” says Bates. has streamed over a dozen times since December 31, 2009. You can view some of those saved streams on our channel at

Bates says he has plans to mount permanent cameras for 24/7 streaming. “I’ve been approached by a few business owners and residents who currently have Internet service and they’ve offered to let me mount cameras on their property and stream the resulting video,” said Bates.

Bates says this is the first time that technology has allowed for affordable live streaming and he thinks it will have an immediate impact.

“People will most likely tune in out of curiosity. Hopefully though they will leave with a better understanding of the problem that plagues our city,” said Bates.

Bates says the primary goals of the live streaming are to document the problem and expose the offenders by broadcasting their faces, vehicles and tag numbers to the public.

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The original Video Vigilante and creator of JohnTV. Since 1996, Bates has been using his video camera to spotlight the graphic reality of street, forced and organized prostitution.

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  1. al Says:

    In first video on the 12th, in front of Jimmy’s, a girl with long black hair, in a pony tail, wearing black pants and white sweat shirt, is a crack whore. She was getting into that yellow taxi van. Her name is Angela Clemons. She is my ex-wife. We were married for 8 years, but she wouldn’t stop using drugs nor stop prostituting. She works anywhere from 10 NW/Western to 44th east of shields. I have picked her up once walking down Robinson and lots of times in the 10/Western area. She favours the 10/western area more. She has been arrested for prostitution while we were married. She has a record in Oklahoma County. Been in prison 3 times.

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