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Fargo prostitution sting videos posted to YouTube

December 29, 2012

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12/29/2012 – Fargo, ND — Several videos from undercover prostitution stings in North Dakota have been posted online by a media outlet after they were obtained through an open records request.

On December 21, the Website posted a dozen video clips they claim are from six separate undercover prostitution stings in the Fargo area.

The accompanying article on does not identify when or exactly where the stings took place and does not identify those arrested or give any updates as to charges, convictions or acquittals. claims they attempted to contact individuals arrested as a result of the stings, but none of those contacted would comment publicly.

One issue brought up by is the fact undercover male police officers are allowed to get completely naked and encourage suspected prostitutes to do the same prior to arresting them.

Another issue brought up was the fact that despite all the resources required to conduct a prostitution sting, most offenders are simply given a deferred sentence and a small fine.

This is the first time JohnTV has come across videos of this sort – video released by a police department to a media outlet and then posted online with little editing (videos appear to have only been edited for language and nudity).

Usually these sorts of videos only appear on television after being highly edited by television programs such as COPS.

These videos also highlight several myths JohnTV has previously reported on in our The Law and Such page on Specifically, that undercover officers do not have to disclose they are police if asked and that officers do often get naked to make cases against suspected prostitutes.


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9 Responses to “Fargo prostitution sting videos posted to YouTube”

  1. A. Says:

    I don’t have a problem with undercover officers getting naked or allowing themselves to be touched in order to fool hookers in a sting. Not like they’re actually having sex with with them. Otherwise the hookers can easily reveal an undercover officer by trying to touch them before the deal is made. I’m sure officers going undercover to infiltrate gangs and drug rings have to do a lot worse to prove themselves and not blow their cover.

  2. Brian Bates Says:

    I actually have a big problem with it. Its one thing to cross into gray areas to uncover felony crimes involving gangs etc. – but there is no justification to do it to make a misdemeanor arrest that can legally be handled with a ticket and not even an arrest. At some point officers just have to acknowledged the actions required to make an arrest do not justify the arrest. I’ve know officers in OKC that tried out Vice, only to decide it was not for them – I had one tell me he just wasn’t willing to do certain things for a simple prostitution arrest when it meant going home and telling his wife and family he had to spend his day getting naked with and touch and or being touched by often victimized, homeless, drug addicts.

  3. bennyho Says:


  4. A. Says:

    “I actually have a big problem with it. Its one thing to cross into gray areas to uncover felony crimes involving gangs etc. – but there is no justification to do it to make a misdemeanor arrest that can legally be handled with a ticket and not even an arrest.”

    It doesn’t matter – cops can’t even hand out a traffic ticket without witnessing a law being broken. How are they supposed to prove these women are prostitutes? Even the most strung out hooker will know it’s a cop when he freaks out if she touches him. I really doubt they are going to go very far anyway until the hooker gets her money or agrees on the price, at which point it’s all over and the arrest can be made.

    Also it seems most of these hotel room stings come from Internet ads, which means (at least in OKlahoma) it is not a misdemeanor but a felony. I concur it’s a big waste of money to do these stings just to bust hookers, unless the underlying purpose is to catch the bigger fish eg those running prostitution/human trafficking rings.

  5. Brian Bates Says:

    But they also cannot entice someone to race them in an unmarked car to try and write them a speeding ticket either.

    Plenty of officers arrest prostitute suspects without exposing themselves or touching or allowing the suspect to touch them inappropriately. Many jurisdictions actually do not allow it and they still manage to make arrests.

    The female officers NEVER expose themselves or touch or are touched, yet they make arrests regularly.

    Its a line that should not be crossed and there is no justification for doing so.

  6. sonny Says:

    You here about police being caught in undercover stings themselves paying hookers for sex it happens more than people think they do.In TN a TN trooper was caught after he received oral sex from a porn star he stopped for speeding she still had to pay the ticket . but it’s not the first time police in TN have been caught with prostitutes. just because they wear a badge doesn’t make them saints.

  7. Jered Says:

    I think this is messed up. Good tax payer dollars are going to waste on these stings. While the bad guys are the pimps who traffic the girls and who are drug dealers. Most of these guys are working people like the rest, and only trying to have a good time and not have an affair. I wonder why there aren’t any stings targeting the multimillionaires who do the same thing but with larger amounts of cash.

  8. Dee Says:

    Does anyone else notice that the stings involving the female undercover cop goes by the book and the arrest happens within 2-3 minutes tops? The alleged “John’s” Barely have time to get naked.
    In the video with the alleged prostitutes it takes a lot more time and they make sure they watch the prostitutes get naked before making the arrest.

    The officers in the adjoining room are watching the hidden camera while the girls are getting undressed! Even the police are victimizing these girls.

  9. Brian Bates Says:

    I agree. Here locally, we’ve had several instances where undercover officers have the girls get naked and even dance for the officer or touch the officer for some time before they are placed under arrest. Yet the ‘Johns’ just have to utter the word sex and they are cuffed. Same goes for the unattractive homeless females – for some odd reason, police don’t have them get naked.

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