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17 arrested at Little Darlings strip club; Legitimate bust or retaliation?

July 20, 2012


7/20/2012 – OKC, OK — Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies raided the Little Darlings strip club in SE OKC last night, arresting 17. Law enforcement says they were simply acting on public tips, JohnTV wonders if this is retaliation directed at an informant in the Carina Saunders murder investigation and/or an attempt to locate additional informants.

Around 10 p.m. last night JohnTV began receiving word that the largest strip club bordering the small town of Valley Brook was being raided by members of the sheriff’s department.

Details are still coming in, so far all we know is that 17 people were arrested – 15 for engaging in lewd acts and one for offering to engage in a lewd act.

Little Darlings is located at 1500 SE 59th street in Oklahoma City (though due to its proximity to the town of Valley Brook, many people consider it to be a Valley Brook business).

Representatives with the OCSO claim the raid was the culmination of weeks of investigations (aka, our deputies went in undercover and bought lots of table dances).

According to a OCSO advisory, other agencies participating in the raid included Oklahoma City police, the ABLE Commission, ICE, and Homeland Security.

Lets hope all this effort and tax dollars uncovered more than a lack of pasties.

According to the Oklahoma County Jail, those arrested include (not a complete list);
Jodi V. (23), Angel T. (21), Tiffany C. (27), Danielle B. (32), Alyssa D. (21), Mandi F. (23), Crystal H. (25), Tarta F. (27), Irene C. (26), Lisandra M. (24), Towndy S. (40), Jamey D. (29), Jennifer M. (37), Jessica E. (29), Krystal D. (25)  and Timothy Patrick Ledger (43 – today as a matter of fact – for selling alcohol in a place where naked people are (yes, seriously, that’s an Oklahoma law).
(JohnTV does not routinely release the full names or dates of birth of females engaged in prostitution related activities, for their own safety)

While we await details…. we here at JohnTV are left to our own speculations.

Bethany Police and The Oklahoman disclose the name of a critical witness/informant in the Carina Saunders murder investigation.

Nothing about this raid smells quite right to JohnTV. First, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) does not routinely investigate and raid strip joints. In fact, OCSO has already stated this is the largest raid of a strip club that they’ve ever conducted. While OCSO has the authority to investigate criminal activity in all of Oklahoma County, their primary role is to provide support at the jail, courthouse, other law enforcement agencies and to serve the rural communities in the area. In fact, their limited resources are already spread pretty thin considering they service an area of 720 miles and a population of 700,000.

It may or may not be a coincidence that Little Darlings is the same club mentioned by the Oklahoman July 10 when they recklessly outed a potential informant in the Carina Saunders murder and dismemberment.

In that article, the Oklahoman disclosed the informant’s real name, alias name, mugshot, quotes from her Facebook page and the fact she worked as a stripper at the Little Darlings club.

Law enforcement came under fire by many in the community and the informant’s attorney, Scott Adams, for placing her in grave danger through publicizing her identity that she was assured would be kept confidential.

Chris Banschbach as he appears on Facebook.

Also mentioned by the Oklahoman and contained within the referenced search warrant was the name Christopher Banschbach. Reportedly a boyfriend of the informant’s, Banschbach, 27, has a long history of drug possession, drug dealing and weapons charges.

In fact, in 2009, Banschbach was arrested outside of the Little Darlings club for possession of meth and drug selling paraphernalia.

Banschbach and another woman were recently criminally charged in relation to the search of their hotel room.

JohnTV will continue to follow this developing case.


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4 Responses to “17 arrested at Little Darlings strip club; Legitimate bust or retaliation?”

  1. Ashley Says:

    So is little darlings closed then???

  2. interval Says:

    My wife is a dancer in OKC and she told me about the bust when I picked her up at closing time, she said a bachelor party that was originally at LD came to her club after the bust saying OCSO and FBI raided LD. My initial speculation was that the OCSO and the FBI was using info found at to aid in what clubs to investigate, but after finding out that the other club commonly talked about on eccie was not raided I dropped that idea.
    But anyways I really do hope that this raid is not a Waste of tax monies due to pasties violations.

  3. Church Says:

    What an excuse for a bunch of pigs to get their rocks off.
    Take notice of how many agencies were involved.
    A good time for all with the taxpayers’ footing the bill.


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